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Cards are a convenient payment tool for businesses and consumers to make purchases locally and globally, online or in-person.

Embrace the emerging trend of embedded finance to unlock a competitive edge in your current business. Add a card to your suite of products and services for your customers to gain immediate access to a payment channel that is connected globally. Our issuing solution is offered in partnership with Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa, and extends across credit, debit and prepaid cards. Alongside our innovative “D-Vault” construct that offers an integrated payments experience, we elevate how cards are issued and used flexibly.

Aggregate and Expense Your Assets
Through a Centralised Card-based Platform

DCS Innov offers a multifaceted approach to enhance how your business can offer payment solutions onward to your end users. Enabled by D-Vault, a unique feature exclusively designed for the seamless aggregation of assets into a central balance that makes managing payments and increasing spend limits, convenient.

Bank Transfers

Get access to a virtual bank account number to seamlessly receive funds from any bank account in Singapore or overseas.

Digital Assets

DCS Tokens (DUSD) provide a seamless connection between Web2 and Web3 payments. Simply convert your digital assets into DUSD via our exchange partners and access the DCS Cards App to redeem DUSD for instant card spend limits anytime, anywhere.

Fixed Assets

Unlock a higher card spending limit by showcasing proof of your fixed assets, offering you greater purchasing power and financial freedom.


Integrate your assets held within partner investment platforms to instantly increase your spending limit, empowering you to leverage your investments for everyday transactions.

The Innov Advantage

Dynamic Technology Platform

Our cloud-based, API-led technology platform is continually refreshed with new partner services so that you can stay ahead of the curve with solutions tailored to meet market demands.

Regulatory Compliance

We are backed by regulatory licences sponsored by DCS Card Centre, a financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Banking Act. Rest assured, our solutions adhere to the highest standards of compliance and governance.

Robust Governance Structure

With a strong and reliable governance structure in place, including meticulous policies and processes, we ensure transparency, and accountability, and uphold industry best practices.

Comprehensive Card Operations Support

Benefit from our full spectrum of card operations resources, spanning customer servicing, scheme settlement, collections, and more. Streamline your operations and optimise efficiency with our comprehensive suite of services.

About DCS Tokens

Designed to bridge the payments experience for merchants and corporates across Web2 and Web3, DCS Tokens are issued by DCS Card Centre, which is a financial institution governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Banking Act.

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